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 crime and punishment.

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ebil kev
Ebil Kev
Ebil Kev

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PostSubject: crime and punishment.   Sun Jun 21, 2009 9:44 pm

u all may think that i cant do anything to u if u do somthing out of line. well i can. anything that i deem as wrong and against regulation will be dealt in the following way.

Light offense:warning

second light offense: probation/kept out of any contest or guild taking place

final light offense:sent to academy to re take other words kicked out of shadow of evil until u complete the kiddie tests.

severe offense:probation

second severe offense:kicked from shadow of evil.forever.

dont ask me wat the difference is between light and severe u shouldnt to anything that wrong in the first place.but offenses would include harrasement/stealing/slander/etc.. stuff that UR doesnt allow either. and dont think for a second that if ur a friend of mine or if ur a super high level that u are going to have special treatment. u will not. anyone can be replaced.not even xtreme is safe(even though he is super commited to the guild and wouldnt do anything wrong in the first place) i would not be afraid to fire him at the sign of trouble.
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crime and punishment.
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